Flow Measurement Test Set .

Flow Measurement Test Set

Description of Flow Measurement Test Set

Flow Measurement Test Set is a bench top self contained water circulating unit for studying the various flow measuring instruments including primary flow measuring devices. The flow measuring instruments are connected in series and all except the measuring tank are arranged on a water proof panel. Measurement of flow by a primary flow measuring devices is by coefficient of discharge which is determined from a pressure drop across the device and a flow rate. Flow rate is obtained from a water meter reading and a stop watch. The pressure drop is measured by deferential pressure using manometers. Pressure tapping is by valves with quick connection. Water tanks are behind the panel. Flow rate is varied by a flow control valve.

Experiments of Flow Measurement Test Set

  1. Comparison of differential pressure at various flow rates for Venturi meter, orifice meter, Pitot tube, and variable area flow meter.
  2. Determination of coefficients of discharge for Venturi meter, orifice meter and Pitot tube and compare the flow rates with those from water meter, variable area flow meter and measuring tank.

Technical Data of Flow Measurement Test Set

Primary flow measuring devices, clear plastics

  1. Venturi meter, orifice meter, pitot tube.

 Other flow measuring devices

  1. Water meter and a stop watch, rotameter, measuring tank.

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