Flow of Bulk Solids from Silos .

Flow of Bulk Solids from Silos

Specification of Flow of Bulk Solids from Silos

  • Investigation of the outflow of bulk solids from silos with wedge-shaped discharge hoppers
  • Demonstration of arching, mass flow and funnel flow with different bulk solids
  • Two silos with different hopper wall materials
  • Front walls of the silo made of transparent material
  • Silos can be removed for cleaning
  • Angle of the hopper wall adjustable while retaining
  • Constant outlet cross-section
  • Tamper for compacting the bulk solids
  • Stopwatch for determining outflow times
  • Practical review of the design results

Technical Data

  • 2 Silos With Wedge-Shaped Hopper
  • Base Body Cross-Section: 200x200m
  • Wide Outlet 10...70mm
  • Height Of Silo Section: Approx 300mm
  • Height Of Hopper: Approx. 50...140mm
  • Volumes: approx. 14...18L

2 Bulk solids

  • Plastic granulate: 2...5mm
  • Spelt husks: 5...15mm


  • With tare function
  • Up to 10kg
  • Stopwatch

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