Flow Of Compressible Fluids

Flow Of Compressible Fluids .

Flow Of Compressible Fluids

Specification Of Flow Of Compressible Fluids

·         Investigate flow of compressible fluids

·         Subsonic and transonic air flow

·         Variable speed on the radial fan for adjusting the mass flow

·         Minimised turbulence by drawing in air and optimum arrangement of the measuring objects

·         Transparent measuring objects with connectors for pressure measurement provide insight into the Internal structure

·         Measuring nozzle for determining the mass flow

·         Pressure losses in subsonic flow in pipe elbows and various pipe sections

·         Pressure curve at subsonic and transonic nozzle flow

·         Orifice for determining volumetric flow rate by differential pressure measurement

·         Record fan characteristic curve using a throttle valve

·         Digital displays for pressures, velocity and speed

Technical Data

Radial fan

·         Max. speed: 34000min-1

·         Max. volumetric flow rate: 206m³/h

·         Max. head: 271mbar

 ·         Max. power consumption: 1,6kW

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