Flow Through Packed Columns .

Flow through Packed Columns

Specification Of Flow through Packed Columns

  • Trainer for studying the flow in packing layers
  • Transparent DURAN glass packed column with interchangeable packed bed
  • Operation with water and/or air
  • Water-air operation in parallel flow or counter flow
  • Water direction of flow can be reversed
  • Closed water circuit with a pump and storage tank
  • Compressor for air supply
  • Measurement of flow rate and pressure loss

Technical Data


  • Max. flow rate: 18L/min
  • Max. head: 50m


  • Max. volumetric flow rate: 8m³/h
  • Max. pressure: 1bar rel.

Packed column

  • Inner diameter: 80mm
  • length: 2x 500mm
  • Storage tank: 35L

Measuring ranges

  • Flow rate (air): 1...10m³/s
  • Flow rate (water): 50...600L/h
  • Differential pressure: 3x 0...100mbar

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