Flow Visualisation Apparatus

Flow Visualisation Apparatus .

Specification of Flow Visualisation Apparatus

  • Visualisation of streamlines
  • Water as flowing medium and ink as contrast medium
  • Upper glass plate, hinged for interchanging models
  • Bottom plate with water connections for generating sources/sinks
  • Sources/sinks can be combined as required
  • Different drag bodies and changes in cross-section included
  • Rubber plate for creating your own models included
  • Flow velocity, water supply and water drain in sources/sinks as well as dosage of the contrast medium Can be adjusted by using valves

Technical Data

  • Flow chamber contains two plates
  • Distance between the plates: 2mm
  • Upper plate made of glass
  • Bottom glass plate with four water connections for
  • Sources/sinks
  • Size experiment area: LxW: 400x280mm
  • 10 drag bodies and changes in cross-section
  • Rubber plate for your own models
  • LxH: 300x400mm
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Injection of the contrast medium
  • 15 holes
  • Tank for contrast medium: 500mL

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