Fluid Friction Measurements

Fluid Friction Measurements .

In the industry, we are a recognized manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Fluid Friction Measurements. Our offered apparatus is utilized the comprehensive sturdy of the fluid friction head losses from the flow of incompressible fluid through valves, pipes, bends & pipe flow metering devices. Different straight pipes sizes are utilized so as to investigate the friction head losses in straight pipes over an array of Reynolds numbers by covering the turbulent & laminar flow in smooth pipes. Checked thoroughly by experts, these Fluid Friction Measurements could be availed in various configurations at competitive prices.


  • A unit for the detailed study of fluid friction head losses which occur when an incompressible fluid flows through pipes, fittings and flow metering devices.
  • A substantial floor standing tubular steel frame supports test circuits comprising:
  • 4 smooth-bore pipes of different diameters ranging from 4.5mm I.D. to 17.2mm I.D.
  • artificially roughened pipe
  • 90o bends (large & small radii)
  • 90o mitre
  • 90o elbow
  • 45o elbow, 45° Y, 90° T
  • Sudden Enlargement
  • Sudden Contraction
  • Globe Valve
  • Gate Valve
  • Ball Valve
  • Inline Strainer
  • Perspex Orifice Meter
  • Perspex Venturi
  • 38 Tapping Points
  • Perspex Pipe Section With A Pitot Tube & Static Tapping

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