Fluid Properties

Fluid Properties .

The following experimental apparatus is included: instruments

  • Universal Hydrometer And Hydrometer Jars
  • Hook And Point Gauge
  • Mercury Barometer (Mercury Not Supplied)
  • Bourdon Gauge
  • Falling Sphere Viscometers
  • Free Surface Tubes
  • U-Tube Manometers
  • Deadweight Pressure Gauge Calibrator And Weights
  • Parallel Plate Capillary Apparatus
  • Capillary Tube Apparatus
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus
  • Pascal's Apparatus
  • Measuring Cylinder
  • Thermometer
  • Lever Balance With Displacement Vessel, Bucket And Cylinder
  • Metacentric Height Apparatus
  • Air Pump
  • 600ml Beaker
  • Stop Clock

Technical Details:

  • Universal hydrometer: range 0.70 to 2.00 sub-divided in 0.01 intervals
  • Falling sphere viscometer: 40mm tube diameter
  • Hydrostatic pressure apparatus: Comprises counter-balanced precision quadrant pivotted on knife edges at its centre of arc
  • Direct reading barometer: With compensated silvered metal scale range 585 to 790mm subdivided in 1mm intervals includes thermometer
  • 100mm dial pressure gauge: Range 0 to 200 kN/m2 (kPa) and equivalent head of water in metres
  • Dead weight pressure gauge calibrator: With 2 x .5 kg, 1kg and 2.5kg weights
  • Lever balance: 178mm diameter pan, hook for use in buoyancy experiments, anti-parallax cursor, double scale 0 to 0.25kg and 0 to 1.00kg
  • Thermometer: Range -10oC to +50oC

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