Fluidised Bed Formation .

Specification Of Fluidised Bed Formation

  • Investigation of fluidised bed formation of solids in air and water
  • 2 transparent test tanks to observe fluidised bed formation in air/water
  • 1 manometer per tank to measure the pressure loss through each test tank
  • 1 steel rule per tank to measure the change in height of the fluidised beds
  • Both test tanks removable for filling
  • Storage tank with diaphragm pump for water supply
  • Diaphragm compressor with compressed air accumulator for compressed air supply
  • Adjustment of flow rate for both media by valves and flow meter

Technical Data

  • 2 test tanks
  • Length: 550mm
  • Inside diameter: 44mm
  • Scale division: 1mm

Material: PMMA

  • Diaphragm pump (water)
  • Max. flow rate: 1,7L/min
  • Max. head: 70m
  • Diaphragm compressor (air)
  • Max. volumetric flow rate: 39L/min
  • Max. pressure: 2bar


  • water storage tank: approx. 4L

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