Forces In Reciprocating Engines .

Forces In Reciprocating Engines

Specification:- Forces In Reciprocating Engines

  • Experimental unit to investigate oscillating and rotating mass forces and moments of a reciprocating Engine with up to 4 cylinders
  • Simulation of single, 2- or 4-cylinder engines
  • Electronically commutated and speed-controlled drive motor with digital speed display
  • Continuous adjustment of the angle between cranks
  • Force sensors to measure forces and moments
  • Vibration isolation using rubber elements and suitable tuning

Technical Data


  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Piston mass: 40g
  • Additional mass: 41g

Crank drive

  • Mass of connecting rod: 18g
  • Centre distance of cylinders: 35mm
  • Crank radius: 15mm
  • Length of connecting rod: 70mm

Measuring ranges

  • Speed: 100 ... 3000min-1
  • Force: 0...500N

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