Four Stroke Petrol Engine W. Variable Compression

Four Stroke Petrol Engine W. Variable Compression .

Four Stroke Petrol Engine W. Variable Compression

In conjunction with the test stand and the load unit, the engine is highly suitable for investigation of different compression ratios, ignition timing adjustment and an adjustable jet nozzle. The engine used here is an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine with external carburation. A modified cylinder head permits experiments with various combustion chamber inserts. To adjust the mixture composition, the carburettor was modified. It is fitted with a special device to adjust the ignition timing – from advanced to retarded. The engine includes a sensor to measure the exhaust gas temperature. The sensor, ignition cut-off and fuel supply are connected to the test stand.

Learning Objectives/Experiments

In conjunction with test stand load unit, in addition to the standard basic experiments

  • Influence of compression ratio, mixture composition, ignition timing on engine characteristics and exhaust gas temperature



  1. Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine for installation in the CT 159 test stand
  2. 5 variable compression ratios, adjustable by varying the combustion chamber geometry adjustable ignition point
  3. Mixture composition adjustable
  4. Engine mounted on vibration-insulated base plate
  5. Force transmission to brake via pulley
  6. Engine complete with fuel hose and exhaust gas temperature sensor
  7. Fuel hose with self-sealing quick-release coupling

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