Free and Forced Vortex

Free and Forced Vortex

Free and Forced Vortex .

  • The apparatus includes a clear acrylic cylinder on a plinth developed to produce & measure free and forced vortices.
  • The free vortex is generated by water discharging through an interchangeable orifice in the base of the cylinder and the resulting profile is measured using a combined caliper and depth scale.
  • The forced vortex is induced by a paddle in the base of the cylinder which is rotated by jets of water. The profile of the forced vortex is determined using a series of depth gauges.
  • Velocity at any point in the free or forced vortices may be measured using the appropriate pitot tube supplied.
  • Dye crystals (not supplied) may be used to demonstrate secondary flow at the base of the free vortex


  • Experimental set-up to study the formation of vortices in liquids, for use
  • 630 x 400 x 675mm(l x w x h), 18kg
  • Plexiglass tank on powder coated base plate, complete with pipework, fittings and connections, as well as measuring device with vertical/radial scale
  • Vortex generated via outlet inserts or impeller with 3 blades

Technical Data:

  • Tank: diameter: 250 mm, height: 190 mm
  • 4 outlets: diameter: 8, 12, 16, 24 mm

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