Friction Losses In Pipe Elements .

Friction Losses In Pipe Elements

Specification Of Friction Losses In Pipe Elements

  • Investigate friction losses in various pipe elements
  • Combine different pipes from pipe elements
  • Two interchangeable pipe inlets: sudden enlargement or uninterrupted air inlet
  • Measuring points on straight pipe sections for pressure measurement
  • Measuring points at pipe inlets for velocity measurement
  • Display and analysis of the measured values using

Technical Data

  • Straight pipe section with flange
  • Length: 1235mm
  • Inner diameter: d=53,6mm

Straight pipe section

  • Length: 991mm
  • Pipe inlets
  • Uninterrupted air inlet: radius=22mm
  • Sudden enlargement: d=35...53,6mm
  • 90° pipe bend
  • Inner diameter: d=53,6mm
  • Radius: 2xd
  • 90° pipe angle
  • Inner diameter: d=53,6mm

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