Friction Study Unit .

Friction Study Unit

Description Of Friction Study Unit

The Friction Study Unit allows to illustrate the friction force by simple demonstrations. It is designed for the study of the relations between friction forces and normal forces, between hard or soft surfaces, between lubricated or dry surfaces and between rolling surfaces for several types of materials.

The unit is mainly composed of:

  • Roller and brake set.
  • Several materials cushions set.
  • Weights set.

The weight makes the roller set turn while another weight exercise some pressure on the brake, the relation between both of them determines the coefficient of friction for different materials and different operational conditions. 

Specifications Of Friction Study Unit

  • The unit is assembled in an anodized aluminum profile structure, in steel panel painted in epoxy.

This unit is mainly composed of:

  • Friction rollers.
  • Brake mechanism.
  • Movement pulley.
  • Friction cushions set.

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