Full Scale Sewerage System .

Full Scale Sewerage System

Specification:- Full Scale Sewerage System

  • Experimental plant for demonstration of wastewater technology
  • Transparent glass pipes and tanks
  • Ten cisterns with remotely-operated solenoid valves
  • Two toilets with cistern or pressure flush
  • Contains downpipe, collection pipe, ventilation pipe and bypasses
  • 6 tube manometers to indicate the pressure curve in the downcomer
  • Measurement of flow rate via rotameter

Technical Data


  • Power consumption: 550W
  • Max. flow rate: 70L/min
  • Max. head: 42m

Collection tank

  • Volume approx. 300L

Transparent cisterns

  • 4x 20L
  • 6x 10L

  • 1x 9L

  • Flush for toilet max. 9L

Measuring ranges

Flow rate: 0,4...4L/h

Tube manometer, 6-fold 1500mmWC

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