Oil Burner Demonstrator

Oil Burner Demonstrator

Oil Burner Demonstrator .

Oil Burner Demonstrator

Specification of Oil Burner Demonstrator

  1. Functional heating boiler with oil burner
  2. Boiler with control unit
  3. Boiler casing equipped with a viewing window made of special glass
  4. Heating and cooling circuit equipped with expansion vessel, pump, boiler safety group, thermometers, water meter, heat exchanger
  5. Transparent oil tank with filling and bleed connections
  6. Dissipation of generated heat via plate heat exchanger and cold water connection


Technical Data


  1. Nominal rating: 17...21kw
  2. Control unit with temperature limiter


  1. Nominal power: approx. 18kW


  1. Power consumption: 60W
  2. Max. Flow rate: 60L/min
  3. Max. head: 4m

 Plate Heat Exchanger

  1. Capacity: 3kw
  2. 10 plates

 Boiler Safety Group In Accordance

  1. 2,5bar
  2. 50kw
  3. Oil tank: 15l
  4. Water meter: 2,5m³/h

  Measuring Ranges

  1. Pressure (oil admission pressure): 1...25bar
  2. Temperature: 1x 0...1200°c / 1x -50...400°c /
  3. 1x 0...120°C / 3x 0...80°C

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