Hot Water Generator

Hot Water Generator .

Hot Water Generator

Specification of Hot Water Generator

 Hot water generation for room heating

  1. Boiler with oil burner, boiler safety group, low water-level switch and circulating pump in feed flow
  2. Oil tank with pump and safety fittings
  3. 3 dial-gauge thermometers
  4. 2 temperature sensors and 1 differential pressure manometer for measurement of temperature and pressure at different measuring points
  5. Hot water connections with quick-release couplings

Technical Data



  1. Heating capacity: 17...21kw
  2. Max. Water temperature: 75°c
  3. Water content: 50l
  4. Max. operating pressure: 3bar

 Boiler Safety Group According


  1. 2,5bar
  2. 50kW

  Expansion vessel


  1. Capacity: 12L
  2. Max. pressure: 3bar
  3. Circulating pump, feed flow
  4. Max. Power consumption: 60w
  5. Max. Flow rate: 3600l/h
  6. Max. head: 4m
  7. Oil tank: 36L

 Measuring ranges


  1. Temperature: 1x 0...300°c, 4x 0...100°c
  2. Differential pressure: 0...2,5bar

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