Fundamentals Of Sediment Transport

Fundamentals Of Sediment Transport .

Fundamentals of Sediment Transport

Specification:- Fundamentals of Sediment Transport

  • Experimental unit for bed-load transport in open channels
  • Transparent, circular, oval flow channel as open channel
  • Variable-speed paddle to generate the flow velocity
  • Experimental section with transparent deepening for holding the sediment
  • Low-turbulence flow at the inlet to the experimental section thanks to a flow straightener
  • Paddle driven via electric motor and belt drive
  • Three different bridge piers for observing fluvial obstacle marks on piers

Technical Data

Experimental section

  • Length: 660mm
  • Cross-section WxH: 50x200mm
  • Deepening: 50mm

Flow channel

  • Height: 150mm
  • Width: 50...72mm


  • 12 blades
  • Diameter: 330mm
  • Speed at the paddle: 5,2...70min-1
  • Flow velocity: approx. 0...1m/

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