Fundamentals Of Water Flow

Fundamentals Of Water Flow .
Fundamentals Of Water Flow

Specification of Fundamentals Of Water Flow

  • Investigation of the fundamentals of different areas of incompressible flow
  • Closed water circuit with pump
  • Transparent pipe section and open channel
  • Experiments on pressure losses at pipe bends and pipe angles, Venturi nozzle, orifice plate
  • One broad-crested weir and one sharp-crested weir
  • Horizontally travelling level gauge with vertically travelling probe tip to measure the water levels
  • Pressure measuring points for differential pressure measurement before and after the respective pipe resistances

Technical Data

Pump, 3 stages

  • Max. power consumption: 100W
  • Max. flow rate: 83L/min
  • Max. head: 6m

Electronic water level gauge

  • Measuring range: 0...200mm
  • Graduation: 1mm
  • Travel: max. 205mm

Measuring ranges

  • Differential pressure: 0...600mbar
  • Flow rate: 3,5...50L/min

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