Gasoline Engine

Gasoline Engine .
Supported by talented professionals and state of art manufacturing unit, we have been able to offer Gasoline Engine to our leading customers. These have variable load and eddy current dynamometer that enabling measurement of engine torque. Apart from this, the offered engines are available in many specifications to fulfill the requirements of our valued clients.


  • Smooth working
  • Long service life
  • High accuracy


  • A modern, automotive, high efficiency, three cylinder, 1.2 litre, water cooled, normally aspirated engine complete with all services and ancillaries required to run the engine in a laboratory environment.
  • Biofuel Compatible.
  • Variable load, eddy current dynamometer which acts as a brake, enabling direct measurement of engine torque.
  • Dynamometer completely integrated with the engine, mounted within the same frame
  • Ignition and Injection Control system as standard, enables user to investigate the effects of alterations to fuel injection and ignition timing
  • Supported on strong tubular steel framework via flexible mounts. Frame houses fuel tanks, battery, electrical enclosures, etc.
  • Protected by guards around all moving parts, and around key hot surfaces
  • Throttle and brake load can be controlled remotely
  • Standard instrumentation includes sensors for:
  • Modern high efficiency, three cylinder automotive engine.
  • Integrated eddy current dynamometer to vary engine load.
  • Plotting of characteristic torque and power curves against engine speed.
  • Full software control of system, including load and throttle settings.
  • Closed loop software control of brake loading to maintain constant engine speed during measurements.
  • User control of ignition timing and fuel injection now standard.
  • Secondary water cooling by heat exchanger, with measurement of temperature change and flow rate.
  • MkII version fitted with wideband Lambda sensor for improved performance.
  • Engine manufacturer’s diagnostic software, also displays ignition timing and injection characteristics.
  • Measurement of exhaust oxygen content by Lambda sensor.

Technical Data:
Dynamometer Type Eddy current
Cooling Air cooled
Max Power 55kW for 20 minutes

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