Ground Water Flow

Ground Water Flow .

Ground Water Flow

Specification:- Ground Water Flow

  • Investigation of groundwater flows
  • Stainless steel tank as experimental section to be filled with coarse sand
  • Water supply via 2 open-seam tubes
  • Water drain via 2 wells with open-seam tubes in the experimental section
  • Water feeds and discharges can be adjusted separately via valves
  • 19 measuring connections with filters to detect the groundwater levels, arranged orthogonal to the tank bottom
  • 2 different models for excavation pits
  • 1 model for structure with waterproof bottom
  • Groundwater levels displayed on the 19 tube manometers

Technical Data


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Content, LxWxH: 1000x615x350mm
  • 19 measuring connections on the bottom of the tank

Tube manometers

  • Number of tubes: 19
  • Measuring range: 300mmWC 

Plastic models

  • Excavation pit, LxWxH: 610x464x150mm
  • Excavation pit, LxWxH: 256x464x150mm
  • Structure with waterproof bottom,
  • DxH: 180x150mm, inner tube DxH: 40x330m

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