Heat Pump .

Heat Pump Module System

Specification of Heat Pump Module System

 Heat pump for the module system

  1. Connections for various heat sources and sinks
  2. One circulation pump and one safety module each with expansion vessel for heating and brine circuit
  3. Sensors for temperature, flow rate and pressure with connection to the controller 


Technical Data

Heat Pump


  1. Heating capacity: approx. 2,3 kw at 5/65°c
  2. Heating and brine circuit pumps
  3. Max. Flow rate: 3m³/h
  4. Max. head: 4m

Universal Controller

 Inputs: up to 16

  1. Outputs: up to 16
  2. Interfaces: DL bus, CAN, LAN


Measuring Ranges

 Heating and brine circuit

  1. Temperature: 0...180°c
  2. Flow rate: 0,02...1,5m³/h
  3. Pressure: 0...4bar
  4. Refrigeration circuit
  5. Pressure: 0...30bar

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