Heat Transfer By Convection .

Heat Transfer By Convection

Specification:- Heat Transfer By Convection

  • Heat transfer in the air duct by free and forced convection
  • Air duct with axial fan
  • 3 heating elements with different surfaces: flat plate, tube bundle or fins
  • Sensors measure temperatures (upstream and downstream of the heating element and inside the Heating element), flow velocity of the air and heating power

Technical Data

Air duct

  • Flow cross-section: 120x120mm
  • Height: 1m

Axial fan

  • Max. volumetric flow rate: 170m³/h
  • Max. pressure difference: 54Pa
  • Power consumption: 6,5W
  • Nominal speed: 2900min-1

Heating elements

  • Temperature limitation: max. 150°C
  • Max. heating power: 200W
  • Surface of flat plate: 140cm²
  • Surface of tube bundle: 980cm²
  • Surface of fins: 1400cm²

Measuring ranges

  • Fow velocity: 0...10m/s
  • Temperature: 2x 0...100°C, 1x 0...200°C
  • Heating power: 0...375W

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