Hydraulic Flow Channel Demonstrator .

Hydraulic Flow Channel Demonstrator

The purpose is to study the flow behavior in open channels and closed pipes, by realizing some experiments in both conditions. The channel is totally transparent so it allows an optimum visualization of the hydraulic flow. In order to carry out experiments in a closed chamber, the module includes a cover for hermetically seal. Pitot tubes are arranged along the whole length of channel, so it allows measuring the working pressure in 6 points. These points are connected to the 6 tubes manometer. By floodgates, it is possible to increase water volume in the inlet or outlet tanks. The equipment can be used stand alone or in conjunction

Feasible Practices of Hydraulic Flow Channel Demonstrator

Open channel:

1. Study of water flows through open channels identifying variables like:

a. Water height

b. Speed at different points of the cross-sectional area.

2. Study of constant water flow, gradually varied flow and behavior of surface profiles.

3. Study and utilization of thin edged weir for flow measurements.

a. Rectangular weir without lateral contraction.

4. Study and utilization of broad crested weir for flow measurements.

a. Rectangular weir.

5. Analysis and study of discharge under a gate.

a. Vertical weir

6. Study of jump spillway

Technical Data of Hydraulic Flow Channel Demonstrator

  1. Channel width: 77mm
  2. Channel depth: 150mm
  3. Channel large: 1130mm

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