Hydraulic Group .

Hydraulic Group designed to perform as an autonomous and portable unit for the supply of hydraulic power. The aim of Hydraulic Group is to grant autonomy to other didactic equipment included in Fluid Mechanics lab in order to have also the possibility to perform simultaneously different experiments without depending on the main hydraulic bench.

Main Features of Hydraulic Group

  1. Easy operation.
  2. Storage tank with cap to prevent the inlet of impurities into the water.
  3. Overflow chamber to avoid air inlet into the circuit.
  4. Pressure outlets for pump performance tests.

Technical Data of Hydraulic Group


  1. Material: Polypropylene
  2. Capacity: 45 liters
  3. Accessories: made of PVC

Pump Features:

  1. Maximum manometric head: 23 T.M.H.
  2. Volume 20 / 160 l/min
  3. H 21 / 10 T.M.H.
  4. H max: 23 T.M.H.
  5. H min: 10 T.M.H.
  6. Power consumption: 750W
  7. Max power: 950W
  8. Motor speed: 2.900 rpm

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