Hydraulic Power Supply .

Hydraulic Power Supply

The Hydraulic Power Unit supplies hydraulic fluid to hydraulic learning systems including Basic Hydraulic System, Hydraulic Mechanic System, Electro-hydraulic Servo System, and the Combination Hydraulic Electric Servo System. This unit provides a minimum of 2.5 gpm flow at a maximum pressure to 500 PSI/ 3450 kPa.

Features of Hydraulic Power Supply


  • Suction filter, strainer type
  • Relief valve, pilot-operated, cartridge type
  • Filler-Breather cap
  • Pressure Gauge, 2 in. size, 0-1000 PSI, liquid filled, with safety relief
  • Electric motor starter, with start and stop push buttons
  • Oil level gauge with temperature gauge
  • Power cord, grounded
  • Supply Hose
  • Return Hose
  • Reservoir, 5 gal/19 Liters, welded square
  • Pump, fixed gear type

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