Hydraulics Bench .

Specifications Of Hydraulics Bench 


  1. Stainless structure.
  2. Screws, nuts, plates and all the metallic elements in stainless steel.
  3. Diagram in the front panel with similar distribution to the elements in the real unit.
  4. Quick connections for adaptation to feed hydraulics source.


Technical Data Of Hydraulics Bench 


  1. Mobile hydraulic bench, made in fibreglass reinforced polyester, and mounted on wheels for its mobility.
  2. Centrifugal pump, 0.37 KW, 30-80  l./min at 20.1-12.8 m., single phase 220V./50Hz or 110V./60Hz.
  3. Runner made of stainless steel.
  4. Sump tank capacity: 165 L
  5. Small channel: 8  
  6. Flow measurement: volumetric tank, gauged from 0 to 7  l. for low flow values and from 0 to 40  l. for high flow values.
  7. Control valve for regulating the flow.
  8. Open channel to place the test module.
  9. Measuring cylinder is provided for the measurement of small flow rates.
  10. Remote hand-operating dump valve in the base of the volumetric tank.
  11. Rapid and easy interchange of the different modules.
  12. Dimensions: 1130 x 730 x 1000 mm. approx.   
  13. Weight: 70 Kg. approx.

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