Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System

Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System

Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System .



  • A bench mounted, compact, self-contained unit utilized for flow visualisation studies utilizing water as the working fluid.
  • The unit comprises a flow tank incorporating the working section and pumped recirculation system, plus a separate electronic control console.
  • A low voltage variable speed pump with a unique fluid-drive unit is located under the working section.
  • The electronic control console incorporates manual controls and a 4 line, 20 digit LCD that displays the relevant operating parameters.
  • Flow patterns in the water are indicated by small hydrogen bubbles that are generated by an interchangeable fine platinum/ iridium wire cathode.
  • The following models, supplied for flow visualization studies, are made of clear polished acrylic and supplied in a protective container:
  • One pair 330mm long straight guides
  • One pair spacer blocks for straight guides (grey PVC)
  • One pair blocks with radiused ends
  • Four cylinders 6mm, 12mm, 19mm and 25mm diameter
  • One aerofoil section
  • One flat plate with radiused end
  • One rectangular block 70mm x 40mm x 25mm
  • One curved plate
  • A toolkit is supplied

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