Hydrographs After Precipitation Apparatus

Hydrographs After Precipitation Apparatus .

Hydrographs After Precipitation Apparatus

Specification of Hydrographs After Precipitation

  • Investigation of the effect of precipitation on soils
  • Stainless steel experimental tank with transparent splash guard
  • Precipitation device with two nozzles, adjustable precipitation area and quantity
  • Precipitation time can be adjusted via solenoid valve with timer
  • Distribution to 17 chambers by timer
  • Mobile sled carriage distributes draining water to 17 chambers in the measuring tank
  • Water drain either via removable drain chamber with fine-mesh screen or via drainage pipe
  • Separate flushing connection for pipelines
  • Drip pans as rainwater retention basins
  • Rotameter (inlet), indicator of precipitation time, lag time and measurement time

Technical Data

Experimental section

  • Volume: 1300x600x200mm
  • Max. sand height: 185mm

Precipitation device

  • 2 nozzles, individually adjustable
  • Flow rate: 1...6,7L/min, square spray pattern
  • Precipitation: max. 320L/h
  • Measuring tank with 17 chambers
  • Volume: 17x0,9L


  • Precipitation: max. 99min59s
  • Lag time until start of measurements: max. 99min59s
  • Measurement time per chamber: max. 99min59s
  • 4 drip pans: 305x215x55mm
  • Steel scale: 200mm

Measuring range

  • Flow rate: 30...320L/h

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