Ion Exchange Apparatus

Ion Exchange Apparatus .

Specification of Ion Exchange Unit

  • Self-contained apparatus either for single bed water softening or double bed system for demineralisation.
  • Two vertical transparent tubes house the resins.
  • A manifold at inlet/outlet allows flow configuration changes.
  • Equipment includes pump, valves, conductivity meter and sumps for regenerant and test or wash solutions.
  • Typical commercial cation and anion resins are supplied.

Description of Ion Exchange Unit

  1. Two vertical transparent tubes mounted on a backboard contain the cation and anion resins. A manifold arrangement at the inlet and outlet to the tubes allows the flow configuration to be changed to simulate the cycles involved in the operation of a deioniser.
  2. Union couplings permit the tubes to be removed from the manifolds and interchanged for softening/demineralisation experiments.
  3. Regenerant and test or wash solutions contained in separate sumps are selected by a traversing tube and delivered to the apparatus by pump through a control valve and flow meter. Effluent may be fed to a sump tank and treated water collected in bottles for tests on hardness, conductivity or dissolved solids.
  4. A conductivity meter connected to the outlet of the second ion exchange bed gives a continuous indication of the progress of demineralisation. The apparatus is supplied with typical commercial cation and anion resins.

Technical Details of Ion Exchange Unit

  • Pump: Self priming diaphragm type
  • Flow Meter range: 10-80ml/min
  • Sump tank capacity: 20 liters
  • Anion exchange resin: 0.75 liter
  • Cation exchange resin: 1litre

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