Laminar Flow Table

Laminar Flow Table .
A floor standing unit developed to simulate perfect flow, demonstrate Hele-Shaw principles & accept student made models.

  • Working section support and end tanks moulded from glass reinforced plastic (GRP).
  • Working section made from laminated glass (dimensions of top glass 606mm x 892mm).
  • Lower glass plate incorporates 8 pre-con-nected sinks/sources in cruciform pattern and viewing graticule.
  • A system of pipes, valves and manifolds enables any configuration of sinks and sources to be used.
  • Includes dye injection system and adjust-able knife edge weir for rapid, accurate adjustments of table flow.
  • Includes 3gm blue dye powder to make one litre dye solution and comprehensive in-struction manual with illustration.

Technical Detail:


Laminar Flow Table

Width inside moulding


Length of glass plates


Distance between glass plates



8 tappings in 7 positions

Dye injectors

19 hypodermic needle

Models supplied:

  • 2x canal banks
  • 2x rectangles
  • 3x cylinders
  • 1x aerofoil 3 gm of blue dye powder also supplied. (Makes 1 litre of dye solution when added to water)

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