Liquid Liquid Extraction

Liquid Liquid Extraction .

Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Specification Of Liquid-Liquid Extraction

  • Liquid-liquid extraction in counter flow operation with distillation for enrichment of the extract
  • Operation as continuous or discontinuous process using 2 three-way valves
  • Glass extraction column
  • Distillation column and distillation bridge with liebig condenser
  • Electrical bottom heating via pid controller
  • Water jet pump for reduction of evaporation temperature during distillation
  • Stainless steel tanks for feed, solvent, raffinate, extract and top product (distillation)
  • 2 pumps to deliver the feed and solvent
  • 2 valves for adjusting the phase boundary
  • Distillation column packed with Raschig rings

Technical Data


  • Extraction: diameter: 40mm, height: 1.500mm
  • Distillation: diameter: 30mm, height: 415mm
  • Bottom heater power output: 1200W

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