Losses In A Pipe System .

Specification of Losses In A Pipe System

  • Investigation of pressure losses in piping elements and shut-off devices
  • Different measuring objects for determining flow rate according to the differential pressure method
  • Six pipe sections capable of being individually shut off, with different piping elements: sudden Contraction, sudden enlargement, Y-pieces, T-pieces, corners and bends
  • One pipe section to hold interchangeable shut-off/measuring objects
  • Measuring objects made of transparent material: Venturi nozzle, orifice plate flow meter and measuring nozzle
  • Shut-off devices: angle seat valve, gate valve
  • Annular chambers allow measurement of pressure without interaction
  • 2 twin tube manometers for measuring the pressure difference

Technical Data

  • Pipe section to hold fittings or measuring objects
  • 20x1,5mm, PVC
  • Pipe sections

Inside diameter

  • Straight: d=20x1,5mm, length: 800mm, PVC
  • Sudden contraction: d=32x1,8-20x1,5mm, PVC
  • Sudden enlargement: d=20x1,5-32x1,8mm, PVC
  • With 2x Y-piece 45° and 2x T-piece
  • With 2x 90° elbow/bend: d=20x1,5mm, PVC and
  • 2x 45° elbow: d=20x1,5mm, PVC
  • 2x twin tube manometers: 0...1000mmWC

Measuring range

  • pressure: 0...0,1bar

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