Losses In Pipe Elements

Losses In Pipe Elements .

Losses in Pipe Elements

Specification Of Losses in Pipe Elements

  • Investigation of the pressure losses in pipe elements
  • Ten different pipe sections
  • Measurement of pressure losses in valves, changes in pipe direction, straight pipes, Contraction/enlargement or parallel lines
  • Selection of pipe sections via hose connections with quick-release coupling
  • Operation via mains water network or in a closed circuit
  • Flow measurement with rotameter
  • Pressure sensor in annular chambers
  • Differential pressure measurement with differential pressure meter or twin tube manometers or 6 tube manometers

Technical Data

  • Pipe sections, length: 1000mm
  • Straight, Cu, diameter: 18x1mm,
  • Straight, galvanised steel, diameter: ½"
  • Straight, PVC, diameter: 20x1,5mm,
  • Straight, PVC, diameter: 32x1,5mm
  • Section with segment bend, pipe angle, pipe bend
  • Gradual/sudden enlargement in diameter:

From 20 to 32mm

  • Gradual/sudden contraction in diameter:

From 32 to 20mm

  • Dual line, PVC, diameter: 20x1,5mm

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