Measurement Of Boundary Layers

Measurement Of Boundary Layers .

Measurement of Boundary Layers

Specification Of Measurement of Boundary Layers

  • Investigation of the boundary layer on a flat plate
  • Plate leading edge with chamfer
  • Pitot tube for measuring the total pressure
  • Additional measuring point for measuring the static pressure
  • Vertically sliding Pitot tube can be set to 3 positions along the plate in the measuring section
  • Display of static and total pressure on the tube manometer
  • Accessory for experimental plant

Technical Data

Pitot tube

  • Inner diameter: 0,6mm
  • Vertically sliding: 0...18mm
  • Measuring section with 3 positions along the
  • Plate: 10mm, 210mm and 410mm from the leading

Flat plate

  • LxWxH: 420x80x8mm
  • 15° chamfer facing the incident flow

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