Methods Of Flow Measurement .

Specification of Methods Of Flow Measurement

  • Different methods of flow rate measurement
  • Measuring instruments: orifice plate flow meter/measuring nozzle, Venturi nozzle and rotameter
  • 6 tube manometers to determine the pressure distribution in Venturi nozzle, orifice plate flow meter and measuring nozzle
  • Measurement of the total pressure with Pitot tube

Technical Data

  • Venturi nozzle: A=84...338mm²
  • Angle at the inlet: 10,5°
  • Angle at the outlet: 4°
  • Orifice plate flow meter: diameter=14mm
  • Measuring nozzle: diameter=18,5mm
  • Rotameter: max. 1700L/h
  • 6 tube manometers: 390mmWC

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