Milk Analyzer Laktan 240

Milk Analyzer Laktan 240 .

We now take extreme pleasure in introducing our new model of high speed milk analyzer ‘laktan-240’ developed by our european principals who are the patent holders for ultrasonic milk analyzers, and the largest and most reputed manufacturers of milk analyzers-worldwide.

the milk quality analyzer “laktan-240” is used to determine the percentage of fat, solids-non fat (snf), density, added water in whole, preserved, pasteurized, normalized, powder milk, non-fat and long storage milk.

the analyzer may be used to conduct express analysis when preparing, receiving and processing milk as well as in selection work.

advantages over other analyzers:

1.  in built fan   (cooling system) ensures stable operation under very high  
   indian temperatures. The only model with this feature.
2. Separate serial ports for pc and printer connectivity.
3. Wide range of ac voltage 100-240 volts+smps based power supply , ensures stable operation in most extreme conditions. Most other analyzers come with transformer based power supply which is more prone to defects.
4. Double sensors/ measuring cells for fast and accurate measurement.
5. Pre calibrated machines- don’t need repeated calibration, only correction of calibration that too without computer.
6. Automatic cleaning systems (0 to 99 cycles) in addition to manual cleaning to ensure long life and smooth functioning.
7. High accuracy of readings and stability.
8. True results for all parameters, unlike other analyzers in which the results are calculated.
9. Very robust and solid construction - with most trusted russian and taiwanese parts unlike all bulgarian models with frugal construction and made up of cheap chinese components.
technical specifications:

measuring range of undiluted samples

  • fat 0-12% (± 0,1)
  • snf 0-15% (±0,5)
  • density 1000-1040 kg/m³ (± 0. 3)
  • added water 0-100% (1%)

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