Somatos Mini

Somatos Mini .

Somatos Mini Viscosimetric Analyzer of Somatic Cells in Milk

Key competitive advantages:

· Inexpensive and affordable method which does not require use of expensive reagents, consumables and laboratory equipment.

· Does not require special sample preparation.

· Does not require calibration by users, it is ready for use in just a few seconds.

· Simple and convenient in operation and maintenance instrument which can be used not only by qualified and specially trained personnel of laboratories but also by farmers.

· Highly reliable and durable design. Viscosimetric somatic cells analyzer of a new generation which hasan improved design without a mechanical valve which may cause frequent failures.

The best price/ value ratio which makes Somatos Mini irreplaceable instrument for different market’s segments starting from small dairy farms, veterinary and dairy laboratories to milk processing plants.

Calibration of the instrument was performed according to the State Standards of Russian Federation and downloaded in the program of the analyzer. The method of regulated wave-like nonstationary mixing of milk with “Mastoprim” preparation in the glass flask implemented in the instrument ensures metrological precision of the instrument’s calibration.

Based on the test results our instrument has shown higher convergence with the results of microscopic method (reference method) as compared to the results of 100-times more expensive imported instrument which is based on the method of flow cytometry

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