Multi Head Diaphragm Pump .

Multi-Head Diaphragm Pump

Specification Of Multi-Head Diaphragm Pump

  • Examination of a multi-head diaphragm pump
  • Diaphragm pump with 3 heads
  • Common stroke rate adjustable for all 3 heads
  • Stroke individually adjustable for each head
  • 3 overflow valves to set the counter pressure
  • 3 scaled tanks to determine the flow rate
  • 6 manometers to measure the pressure on the intake and delivery side
  • 1 feed tank

Technical Data


  • Max. head: each approx.100m
  • Max. suction head: each approx. 3m
  • Max. stroke: each approx. 6mm
  • Flow rate: 3x 0...18L/h


  • Tanks with scale: each 5L
  • Feed tank: 60L
  • 3 overflow valves
  • Adjustable pressure range: each 2...6bar

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