Multi Pump Test Rig

Multi Pump Test Rig

Multi Pump Test Rig .

A mobile self-contained Multi-Pump Test Rig, containing all the services & instrumentation for determining the characteristic curves of eight different pumps at different speeds

For Rotodynamic Pumps:

  • Pressure head vs flow
  • Pump efficiency vs flow
  • Power absorbed vs flow
  • For positive displacement pumps:
  • Power absorbed vs pressure head
  • Flow vs pressure head
  • Volumetric efficiency vs pressure head
  • Contains five different pump positions (four active at the same time). Digital readout enables mounting of selected pump
  • Centrifugal pump and gear pump supplied as standard
  • Axial pump, flexible impeller pump, turbine pump, diaphragm pump, plunger pump and a second centrifugal pump are all available as accessories
  • Series/parallel pump demonstrations can be performed with the second centrifugal pump option
  • Control valve incorporated upstream of each pump (except axial pump) to demonstrate the effect of suction loss on performance
  • A PC (not supplied) is used to set the required speed of the pump(s) on test. A separate mimic diagram for the selected pump(s) on test displays the important measured and calculated variables
  • Electronic measurement of flow, pressure head, suction head and motor torque
  • Optional volumetric flow measurement system for reciprocating pumps
  • Data logging and educational software included

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