Multi Purpose Teaching Flume

Multi Purpose Teaching Flume .

Our company is a renowned Multi Purpose Teaching Flume manufacturer, exporter and supplier at West-Delhi (India). Engineered and developed huge innovation & perfection, this flume is ideally utilized for measuring the velocity of flow. Available in different technical specifications, this Multi Purpose Teaching Flume features outstanding performance, low energy consumption, longer service life, sturdy design and cost-effectiveness.

The is a compact open channel flume that is available in 2.5 m or 5.0 m lengths, with clean acrylic sides to the working part for complete visibility of the flow. The channel is equipped with a PVC inlet tank, and is developed for free discharge into the Hydraulics Bench. The offered flume is mounted on a hard framework, and can be tilted by utilize of a calibrated screw jack that allows exact slope adjustment of the channel.

The inlet tank includes a stilling arrangement to spread the water flow out before to entry into the channel for ensuring smooth uniform flow. The level in the working part of the flume is controlled utilizing an overshot weir at the discharge end.

Bed pressure tappings & fixing points for models are provided. A longitudinal scale set at the top of the channel allows depth gauges & Pitot-static tubes to be precisely located along the channel length.


  • Available in 2.5m and 5.0m working section lengths.
  • A 76mm broad, 250mm high open channel for utilize with an Hydraulics Bench.
  • Clear acrylic sides to give visibility of the working section.
  • A jacking system permits the slope of the channel bed to be adjusted between -1% and +3%.
  • Inlet tank with flow stilling arrangement.
  • Comprises a Venturi, sharp and broad crested weirs, two vernier level gauges, adjustable undershot weir & crump weir.
  • Wide range of other models available as accessories.
  • Optional flowmeter.
  • Comprehensive instruction manual.

A set of gauges & models are given with the flume as section of the standard supply, comprising:

  • Venturi flume
  • Crump weir
  • Sharp and broad crested weirs
  • Adjustable undershot weir
  • 2 Vernier level gauges

Technical Details:

  • Channel Dimensions: 2.5 or 5m L x 76mm W x 250mm H Channel slope adjustable between -1% and +3%

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