Nozzle Pressure Distribution .

Nozzle Pressure Distribution

Specification Of Nozzle Pressure Distribution

  • Nozzle pressure distribution in actual flow of compressible fluids
  • Three nozzles with pressure measurement points: 1 convergent nozzle, 1 short and 1 long de Laval nozzle
  • Compressed air regulator for adjusting the pressure downstream of the nozzle
  • Needle valve on the flow meter for adjusting the back pressure
  • Instruments: manometer and digital temperature display upstream and downstream of the nozzle as Well as rotameter

Technical Data

  •  Air consumption of the experimental unit
  • Compressed air: max. 10bar
  • Air consumption: approx. 5g/s
  • 3 nozzles, brass
  • 1 x de Laval nozzle, short nozzle extension
  • 1 x de Laval nozzle, long nozzle extension
  • 1 x convergent nozzle
  • Compressed air regulator
  • Control range: 0...8,6bar

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