Pascals Law Demonstration .

Pascals Law Demonstration system is designed for the study and demonstration of the Pascals principle enunciated by the physicist and mathematician Blaise Pascal it states that the pressure, exerted anywhere in a confined incompressible fluid, is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid so that the pressure variations remain the same. With Pascals Law Demonstration equipment, it is possible to study the "hydrostatic paradox" that is a consequence of the Pascals principle: the pressure within the liquid at rest depends only on the depth of water, regardless of the quantity. There are many applications based on the Pascals principle and one of the best known is the hydraulic press.

Performable Experiments of Pascals Law Demonstration

  1. Study and demonstration of Pascals Law.

Technical Data of Pascals Law Demonstration

Set of tumblers:

  1. Maximum height: 228mm
  2. Parallel glass tumbler:26mm
  3. Conic glass tumbler A
  4.  a. SuperiorØ: 101mm

     b. InferiorØ: 26mm

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