Permeability Tank

Permeability Tank .

Permeability Tank

Experiments of Permeability Tank

  1. Determination of seepage beneath a structure
  2. Construction of flow nets and determination of coefficient of permeability
  3. Flow under a sheet pile and determination of critical seepage force at which ‘piping’ occurs
  4. Seepage flow under an impermeable dam
  5. Flow through an earth dam with and without a toe drain
  6. Draw down in horizontal flow (simulation of ground water flow into a river or well)
  7. Determination of uplift pressures on structures such as building foundations
  8. General studies of seepage and drainage
  9. Flow through a porous medium


  1. Nett dimensions and weight:
  2. 2450 mm x 700 mm x 1500 mm and 230 kg
  3. Packed dimensions and weight: 4.14 m3 and 430 kg (approx – packed for export)
  4. Nominal Internal Tank Dimensions: 1800 mm or 1500 mm between mesh screens x 600 mm high x 180 mm width

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