pH Value Control Trainer .

pH Value Control Trainer

Specification: pH Value Control Trainer

  • Trainer for control engineering experiments
  • pH value control process, equipped with standard industrial components
  • Neutralisation of a caustic solution with an acid
  • 2 pH value sensors in transparent measuring tanks with overflow
  • Digital controller, parameterisable as a P, PI or PID controller
  • Product tank and 2 chemicals tanks
  • 2 metering pumps: adjustable manually or via controller
  • Water connection with control valve and rotameter
  • Corrosion-resistant piping system
  • Hand-held pH-meter for product control
  • 2-channel line recorder
  • Process variables X and Y accessible as analogue signals via lab jacks

Technical Data

  • Product tank: 20L
  • Chemicals tank: 2x 5L

Metering pumps

  • Max. flow rate: each 2,1L/h
  • Max. head: each 160m

pH value sensor

  • Filled with solid electrolyte
  • With glass shaft and PTFE diaphragm

Line recorder

  • 2x 4...20mA
  • Feed rate 0...7200mm/h, stepped


  • Process variables X, Y as analogue signals: 4...20mA

Measuring ranges

  • pH value: 1...12
  • Temperature: 0...80°C

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