•    The PIC Microcontroller Trainer is using the PIC18F/40 pins and above microcontrollers.

•    The system covers programming, interfacing and applications, theory PICs. Programs can be written, assembled and simulated on a host PC being transferred to the PIC devices via the device programmer through the computer’s USB.

•    The system also includes a multi-application/experiment board module that allows the user to simulate various I/O interfacing experiment and to obtain a quick result of their written control programs using assembly and C language for PIC18F and above microcontroller.

•    The system comes with comprehensive technical operation manual and program samples to speed up the development of the PIC18F and above microcontroller families. C-Compiler for PIC microcontrollers are available to cater for more advanced programming techniques.

•    Programming can be done in assembly and C Language for microcontroller PIC18F and above.

Power source: 240VAC, 50Hz

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