PID controller

PID controller .
This  module  must simulate a standard industrial controller for use as P, PI, PD or PID regulator in automatic closed-loop control systems.
Technical features: •Power supply: -15 V/0 V/+15 V
•Input summing point for two different reference variables
•UR and UC and one controlled variable UA.
•Signal voltage range: -10 V . . . + 10 V
•Controller continuously adjustable parameters:
proportional gain Kp = 0 . . . 1000
integral action time TI = 1 ms . . . 100 s
differential action time TD = 0.2 ms . . . 20 s
•Separate input for integral element reset.
•Output summing point for adding or subtracting disturbance variables
It must be mounted on an insulated didactic module; it must show a schematic diagram and 2 mm terminals for the electrical connection; six selectors, two switches, two trimmers and three leads. It must include also a bus for the supply that allows the connection between the panels.

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