Simulated controlled system

Simulated controlled system .
This module must allow the simulation of different processes, such as 1st and 2nd order processes, proportional ( P ) action processes, integral ( I ) action processes, double integral ( I2 ) action processes.
Technical features:
•Power supply: +15 V ; 0 V ; -15 V
•Input summing point for controlling variable (y) and noise variable (z).
•Signal voltage range: -10V, ..., +10V
•Coefficient of the proportional action of the process KP  = 0.2 (attenuation) ....1.5 (amplification)
•Time constant T1 = 0.1 .... 1000 s
•Time constant T2 = 0.1 .... 1000 s
It must be mounted on an insulated didactic module, it must show a schematic diagram and 2 mm terminals for the electrical connection;   one reset input for the restoration of the initial conditions, two selectors, three potentiometers, two rotary switches for coarse setting, one push-button, two led indicators of over-range.   It must include also a bus for the supply that allows the connection between the panels.

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