Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus

Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus .

A freestanding unit developed to demonstrate the phenomena of pipe surge & water hammer when connected to a Hydraulics Bench

  • Includes two separate stainless steel test pipes, both 3m long, constant head tank, slow acting valve, fast acting valve etc
  • A transparent surge shaft (40 mm diameter and 800mm high) with scale allows transient water levels to be observed and timed
  • Electronic sensors used to measure pressure transients at two locations in the water hammer test pipe, one adjacent to fast acting valve and one half way along the test pipe.
  • Pressure transients monitored using a PC (not supplied) using a USB connection from the pressure transducers (requires no external electrical supply)
  • Straight metal pipes used, rather than a coiled arrangement, to minimize distortion to the pressure profile

Technical Details:

Test pipes

Stainless steel, 20.2 mm inside diameter, nominally 3 m long

Surge shaft

Clear acrylic, 40 mm inside diameter, 800 mm high

Head tank

PVC, capacity 45 litres

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