Piping Circuits .

Piping Circuits

Piping Circuits system is designed to study and analyze of flow through piping circuits, it grants to students the possibility to compose different configuration performing therefore a wide range of practical exercises. The configurations setup is quick and simple as closing and opening valves and there is no need of installing and removing any piece of pipe or accessories, the system includes several double sealing nipple couple in order to avoid any possible water leakage during connecting and disconnecting operations. Piping Circuits equipment is a complete solution for all kinds of configurations that can be found in piping systems, from simple to complex set up with easy use and reduced maintenance.

Highlights of Piping Circuits


  1. Study of all possible configurations of a piping system.
  2. Easy to rearrange, without the need of installing and removing any piece of pipe or accessories.
  3. Pressure measuring points with double closure mechanism upstream and downstream.
  4. Bourdon type, water column and digital differential pressure gauges.


Technical Data of Piping Circuits

Group A pipes


  1. Inner diameter = 21.2mm
  2. Outer diameter = 25mm


Group B pipes


  1. Inner diameter = 20.6mm
  2. Outer diameter = 22mm


Group C pipes


  1. Inner diameter = 13.8mm
  2. Outer diameter = 15mm


Group D pipes


  1. Inner diameter = 45.2mm
  2. Outer diameter = 50mm

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