Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System

Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System .

Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System models a real-world electropneumatic troubleshooting machine, driven by MicroLogix 1200 programmable logic controller, and features over 30 electronically-inserted pneumatic, mechanical and electrical faults using state-of-the-art fault insertion software. Understanding how to troubleshoot problems that arise in pneumatic systems is a vital industrial skill that is irreplaceable for maintenance technicians and others in industries like packaging, pharmaceutical, automotive, and more. The Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System is set up with realistic loads, pressures, and heavy-duty pneumatic components, just like learners will see in the workplace. The features also make the Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System an excellent system for teaching advanced pneumatics, as well as pneumatic system tuning, installation, and maintenance. The Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System includes real-world components such as pressure gauges, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic motor, directional control valves, flow control valves, limit switches, and more. These components will be used to cover major topics like vacuum pick-and-place, rotary actuator operation and troubleshooting, air-over-oil system operation and troubleshooting, and quick exhaust valves. Learners will immediately practice applicable hands-on pneumatics skills after studying each topic to increase understanding of how theoretical concepts are directly related to the real-world pneumatic troubleshooting applications.

Features of Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System

  • Computer-based fault insertion
  • Computerized fault insertion system avoids damage to equipment
  • 35 component test stations
  • Pre-mounted components, industrial fittings, and standard connections
  • Real world conditions
  • Different types of loads
  • Student troubleshooting reports
  • Realistic troubleshooting experiences
  • Models a real-world electro-pneumatic machine
  • Teaches advanced pneumatics, system tuning, installation, and maintenance
  • Optional Online eBooks

Requirements of Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System

  • Electricity
  • Compressed air supply
  • Computer: See requirements
  • Hand Tool Package

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